The Book

This book is about personal experiences, memories and flashbacks of past existences that prompted the author to embrace the belief in reincarnation and conviction that we have more than one life to live. The quest for spiritual evolution and desire to heal led to many discoveries and uncovering the connection between then and now.


What Other People Are Saying About The Book……

“A clear-eyed, honest and courageous look at the past lives one woman has lived. Learn how these lives influenced Alla’s present, how she is healing her stubborn back pain and what events in her past lives connect to her present-day breathing issues. You can’t help but be inspired by this gutsy account of Alla’s past lives and start wondering about your own past lives. As you read you will recollect specific examples in your own life, start wondering about your persistent issues and how they could be connected to your past lives. Read about Alla’s conversations with her past lives, learn about reincarnation, how it has been experienced by her and how healing it can be.”
Allison Armstrong,
Faculty supervisor, College of Education,  Sacramento, Valley campus
“This book is definitely a page turner beyond page turners (an intended pun)…on every level of consciousness. It gripped my soul from start to finish. I experienced sudden flashes, and then deep remembrances, of my own past lives as I progressed and processed through the chapters. If you have any doubts about the reality of past lives, this book will definitely convince you otherwise. I do not recommend many books these days…as most just skim the surface of their subject. This book dives deep and addresses and expresses the depth and breadth of actually experiencing and knowing at the deepest level of your own consciousness your own past lives. I highly recommend this book if you sincerely want to (re)awaken your spirit to its higher level of remembrance and consciousness.”
Dr. Marilyn Joyce,
Award-Winning Speaker and Mentor, #1 International Best-Selling Author , go-to stress release expert & creator of the stress to success formula.
“Turning The Pages is a must read for anyone who seeks to understand and heal their past lives. I’m in awe by Alla’s courage to write such an impactful and powerful book about a subject that most people do not want to speak about. I found the book to be captivating, uplifting and healing.”
Jennifer Kauffman
bestselling author, award-winning film producer,
 “Alla’s debut book demonstrates how important it is to hold the vision of a dream and allow it to unfold in our physical reality. She shares her own personal stories of her past lives, creating a compelling collection of stories to inspire and expand the reader.”
Christy Whitman,
New York Times Bestselling Author
“Reading this book will open your eyes, mind, and especially your heart to your soul’s journey through time, enrich your inner world, and let your imagination soar to yet unknown places.”
Christina Hill,
2-time presenter Carnegie Hall NYC & world-renowned Channeler  for Athella
‘Turning The Pages’ is not just another testimonial for reincarnation but a manifestation of a lifelong spiritual journey of self-discovery; it is the result of the courage and burning desire to travel treacherous paths in search of answers to life’s most painful and personal questions.
Lana Kirtser
Astrologer, IT consultant, family friend