The Author

Alla Kaluzhny

Alla Kaluzhny, MA MFT, MA in Spiritual Psychology and Consciousness, Health and Healing, writes first book about her past lives, reincarnation and her Soul’s many journeys through lifetimes of trials, crucibles, ordeals and everything in between. Each life has its own story, and woven together, they create a compelling tale.

The Word to My Reader

This book is about my past lives, my convictions, and my belief in reincarnation. Its a story of my soul’s many journeys woven together and lived in different bodies, different historical times, and different countries. Uncovering and then writing about these lives brought together my spiritual quest, the deeply-held belief that we have more than one life to live, my ongoing desire to heal physical challenges, and my firm intention to become healthy. Each story in this book is about a different incarnation and connection i found between then and now.
Discovering my past lives turned out to be educational, inspirational, uplifting, and even life-affirming for me. It confirmed that it’s more to us than just the physical body and sparked my curiosity to educate myself about reincarnation. It inspired and encouraged me to know myself better and search for many ways to become my own healer.
Although the book is about life, death, and dying, it instilled faith and hope that the soul is timeless and will continue its journey. This writing experience empowered and expanded my awareness and gave me a new sense of confidence in my skills and a newly founded gratitude for my life-long education in spiritual psychology.
I hope this book will become a starting point for your personal journey and an exploration into your prior lives and inspire and lead to your spiritual growth and expansion. By the time you finish reading this book, the following shifts may occur:
• You start questioning whether you might have had past lives and have been on this planet before;
• You may start seeing your relationships with family, friends, co-workers in a different way and wondering if you met them or knew them from another time,
• Your interest in past lives may cause you to become more observant, mindful, aware, and awake.
• You may start entertaining the idea that you are not a Human being having a spiritual experience, but you are a spiritual being having a Human experience.
• You notice that reading about past lives may have a healing effect on you and help you release some old memories and emotions.
The possibilities of how reading this book can influence and expand your consciousness are endless and will depend only on how much you want to learn about yourself and how far your curiosity will take you.
I believe that when you read this book, your imagination, your insight, and your creativity will soar, and i wish for you to experience this book in your own unique ways.